HYI Visiting Scholars Association of Korea — Forum held in Sept. 2009

On September 8, 2009, the Harvard-Yenching Institute Visiting Scholars Association of Korea held a forum on New Trends in the Humanities and Interdisciplinary Sciences, at the Press Center in Seoul, South Korea.

The forum covered two main topics, the first of which was the 21st Century and the Humanities. Professor Sung-Mu Lee (Former President, National Institute of Korean History, HYI scholar 1982-83) was the invited speaker.

The forum’s second topic, titled Interdisciplinary Discussion about the Humanities and Social Sciences in Korea, featured the following invited speakers:

  • Kyung-Sook Shin (HYI scholar 2000-01), English literature, Yonsei University
  • Keun-Sik Chung (HYI scholar 1993-94), Sociology, Seoul National University
  • Jung-In Kang (HYI scholar 1995-96), Political Science, Sogang University
  • Nam-Jin Huh (HYI Scholar 1996-97), Philosophy, Seoul National University
  • Chang-Ho Yoon (HYI Scholar 1988-89),Economics, Korea University

Back row: Organizers Ik-Hwan Lee (’84-’85), Dong-Won Lee (’78-’79), Woo-Hyun Won (’82-’83, President), Joung-Woo Lee (’93-’94). Front row: Speakers Chang-Ho Yoon (’88-’89), Jung-In Kang (’95-’96), Doo-Seung Hong (’87-’88), Sung-Mu Lee (’82-’83), Nam-Jin Huh (’96-’97), Kyung-Sook Shin (’00-’01)

Administrative Committee members Soo-Kyung Oh, Dong-Won Lee, Woo-Hyun Won, Ik-Hwan Lee, Sung-Mu Lee and Min-haeng Lee.

Professor Woo-Hyun Won, President of the Harvard-Yenching Visiting Scholars Association of Korea.

Prior to the forum, in August 2009, Professor Lee Ik-Hwan (Current Vice President and President-elect of the HYI Visting Scholars Association of Korea) paid a visit to HYI Director Elizabeth Perry in Cambridge, where they discussed the alumni association’s recent activities. Prof. Lee was in town to attend the 13th Harvard International Symposium on Korean Linguistics. He was a visiting scholar at the Institute from 1984-85 and an associate from 1994-95.

Professor Lee Ik-Hwan, HYI Director Elizabeth Perry, and Professor Young-Se Kang (HYI scholar 1983-87).