Harvard-Yenching Institute Board of Trustees

The Harvard-Yenching Institute Board of Trustees consists of 9 trustees, three of whom are from the United Board, three from Harvard University, and three at-large members.

  • At Large
    • Mr. Kamal Ahmad
    • Ms. Yvonne Y.F. Chan
    • Ms. Helena Kolenda (Chair of the Board)
  • Harvard University
    • Prof. Nicholas Harkness
    • Prof. Ya-Wen Lei
    • Prof. Karen Thornber
  • United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia
    • Dr. Pareena Lawrence 
    • Dr. Christian Murck
    • Dr. Robert Murowchick 

Faculty Advisory Committee

The HYI Faculty Advisory Committee functions as an informal advisory group to the Director, offering general advice on Institute operations and academic directions. The Committee typically meets twice per year.

Faculty Advisory Committee members:

  • Christina Davis
  • Nicholas Harkness
  • Yawen Lei
  • Jie Li
  • Prerna Singh
  • Alexander Zahlten

Harvard-Yenching Library Advisory Committee

  • Harvard-Yenching Institute representatives:
    • Ruohong Li
    • Elizabeth Perry
    • James Robson
  • Harvard faculty representatives:
    • Sun Joo Kim (Chair)
    • Shigehisa Kuriyama
    • Jie Li
  • Harvard Library representatives:
    • Elizabeth Kirk
    • Ardys Kozbial
    • Martha Whitehead

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