Guidelines for HYI Alumni to Organize a Training Program

  1. Introduction of the program
    An introduction can be found here.
  2. Logistics
    The host institution in Asia is responsible for publicizing the program and selecting 20 qualified trainees as well as handling the day-to-day operations of the program. The Harvard-Yenching Institute may send representatives to attend the program and, in cases where trainees are eligible to apply for a follow-up fellowship year at HYI, the Institute will be responsible for the application and selection process (for up to 5 trainees) after completion of the program.
  3. Costs to share
    While the Harvard-Yenching Institute typically covers the expenses (travel and accommodation) and honoraria for 4-6 invited lecturing faculty from North America and Europe to travel to Asia to participate in the program, the host institution is expected to cover local expenses for lecturing faculty from Asia (including accommodation, transportation and honoraria), accommodation and meals for up to 20 trainees during the program, as well as provide the venue and supplies for the program.
  4. Proposal to be submitted for review
    A two-page training program proposal is requested from the HYI alumni organizer(s) in Asia, laying out the themes and rationale for the program. Please include specific information on the host institution (Department/School of your university) that is willing and able to sponsor the program and proposed dates for the program. A budget specifying the items to be covered by the host institution(s) should be included.  A preliminary list of proposed lecturers is also welcome.
  5. Scope of the program
    The training program is expected to recruit no more than 20 Asia-based doctoral students and young faculty members to participate. After the program, if previously agreed upon, HYI will invite applications and research proposals for review with a goal of selecting approximately 8 for interviews from whom up to 5 outstanding candidates may be invited to the HYI for a one-year research stay as fellowship recipients. The training program may include a few doctoral students currently enrolled and affiliated with an institution outside of Asia, but such trainees are ineligible to apply for the HYI fellowship.
  6. Time and venue
    The HYI training program in Asia usually takes place during the Harvard January winter break, preferably the first half of January, or the early half of the summer, preferably in June. Please indicate a proposed date and duration for the program. A period of 7-10 days is the usual duration, with the final day set aside for trainees to present their individual research projects (in English).
  7. Working Language(s) of the program
    English and/or one or two East Asian languages. The issue can be discussed and decided upon on a case-by-case basis.
  8. Examples of past programs
    Some samples of past programs can be provided for your reference. Details about past programs can also be found on our website (scroll down to the list of past programs and click on the links).
  9. Program format
    The format of the program varies depending upon the topic and the organizers’ preferences. Training programs typically are held in two consecutive years. HYI will work with the host institution(s) to determine an effective and appropriate agenda and format. Due to differences in subject matter, target trainees and expected results, each program has unique features. Some training programs do not offer follow-up HYI fellowship opportunities, and in some cases the host partner university handles all operational logistics
  10. Application deadline
    There are two deadlines for applications from HYI alumni to organize a training program in Asia: April 15 and October 15. Please submit all application materials to