Since 1936, the Institute has published the Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies. In addition, the Institute also publishes the Harvard-Yenching Institute Monograph series through the Asia Center Publications Program. Both are dedicated to serious scholarship on Asian humanities, published in English. The Institute is also the major supporter of several Chinese publications in the People’s Republic of China. Since 2008 the Institute has supported a Vietnamese publication series that concentrates on particular disciplines of the humanities and social sciences in Vietnam.

Support for Research Resources in Asia

The Institute is committed to its tradition of excellence and openness as a resource for Asian scholars. Therefore, in addition to its scholarship programs, the Institute regularly supports scholarly work and conferences in Asia.

Advanced Training Programs

In these programs, a small group of promising young Asian scholars in particular fields of the humanities and social sciences are selected and brought together either at Harvard or in Asia. The programs held in Cambridge involve selected scholars working closely with one or more Harvard professors in a specialized training program in their academic field of research.