นน อัครประเสริฐกุล
Years of Stay at HYI: 
Sep 2008 to Dec 2011

Dr. Non Arkaraprasertkul is an architect, urban designer, historian, and anthropologist. His research interests lie at the crossroads of transdisciplinary research between design and the social sciences. He has conducted research, written, and published widely on urban studies and urban design, architectural history and philosophy, and cultural studies and anthropology. As Senior Lecturer in Urbanism at the University of Sydney, he is developing a new pedagogical and research approach utilizing the synergy between anthropological inquiry and design thinking.

While his main geographic research area is China, Non also has an interest and conducted research in the US, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines. Some of his current research projects include an ethnographic study of the role of historic preservation in processes of urban social change such as gentrification, urban informal settlements, urban mobility in urban megalopolises, and the influence of traditional value on speculative housing markets. He is currently one of the principal investigators of the Southeast Asian Neighborhoods Network (SEANNET) project, funded by the Henry Luce Foundation, and a member of the global expert committee to the XII Metropolis World Congress.

Research Interests:

Urban social change
Mobility and planning
Anthropology of expertise
Urban informal settlement
Urban design and mental health
Housing affordability and provision
Historic preservation and community
History and theory of architecture and urban design
Design thinking of pedagogical and research methodology

Recent Publications: 

Arkaraprasertkul, N. (Forthcoming). "When the Past Meets the Uncertain Future: An Anthropological Reflection on Gentrification and Historic Preservation in Urban Shanghai." International Journal of Heritage Studies.

Arkaraprasertkul, N. (Forthcoming). "Gentrification and its Contentment: A Reflection on Housing, Heritage, and Social Change in Urban Shanghai." Urban Studies.                       

Arkaraprasertkul, N. (Forthcoming). “Housing and Heritage: The Politics of Historic Preservation in the Global City of Shanghai.” In Urban Knowledge Network Asia Research Paper Series, edited by Paul Rabé, University of Amsterdam Press.                             

Arkaraprasertkul, N. (2016). “The Abrupt Rise (and Fall) of Creative Entrepreneurs: Socio-Economic Change, the Visitor Economy and Social Conflict in a Traditional Neighbourhood of Shanghai, China,” In Protest and Resistance in the Tourist City, edited by Johannes Novy & Claire Colomb. New York & London: Routledge: 282 – 301.

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