Inner Asian Law and Society: Land Control and Land Use in Historical Perspective

May 10, 2016 | 1:30 PM - 6:00 PM

A workshop co-sponsored by Harvard-Yenching Institute and Kyoto University Hakubi Center

13:30 ‒ 13:40   Welcoming Remarks

13:40 ‒ 15:00   Panel 1: Land Orders

Max Oidtmann (Georgetown University) – Kökenuur/Qinghai in the 1780s-1820s: A Tripartite Legal Order and the Lay of the Land

Erdenchuluu Khohchahar (Kyoto University and Harvard-Yenching Institute) – Land Grant System: A Legal History of Land in Mongolia

15:00 ‒ 15:20   Coffee Break

15:20 ‒ 16:40   Panel 2: Land Conflicts

Wesley Chaney (Stanford University) – Post-Rebellion Land Disputes on the Sino-Tibetan Border, 1870-1880

Eric Schluessel (Harvard University) – Land-Holding Pious Endowments Under Chinese Law in Twentieth-Century Xinjiang

16:40 ‒ 18:00   Panel 3: Land Expansions

Min-Su Park (Seoul National University and Harvard-Yenching Institute) – The Manchu Policy of Land Enclosure in Early Qing Beijing: Virtues and Vices

Anne-Sophie Pratte (Harvard University) – Transforming the Borderlands: Xi-chang’s 1882 Mission to the Khalkha-Russia Frontier