Photos from HYI visits to Thailand and Shanghai

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HYI Director Elizabeth Perry and Associate Director Ruohong Li visited HYI partners and alumni in Shanghai in January, while Prof. Michael Herzfeld met with HYI alumni and partners in Thailand

This past January, Professor Perry and Dr. Li visited HYI’s three partner institutions in Shanghai (East China Normal University, Fudan University, and Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS)) and also met with alumni from the three institutions.

Prof. Michael Herzfeld also visited with HYI alumni in Chiang Mai, and met with faculty from HYI partner universities in Thailand.

A few photos from the visits are included below!

January 2024 visits to Shanghai and Thailand

With SASS President Quan Heng (权衡) and SASS Foreign Affairs Staff

Prof. Perry visits the SASS Exhibition Hall in commemoration of former President Zhang Zhongli (张仲礼)

With SASS alumni and staff

With HYI Fudan Alumni

Prof. Perry, Dr. Li, with ECNU President Mei Bing, ECNU staff, and HYI alumni

Prof. Perry, Dr. Li, with the Dean of the Humanities & Social Sciences at ECNU and several HYI alumni

With ECNU HYI alumni

Dr. Li and Prof. Perry at ECNU

HYI alumni in Chiang Mai with Prof. Michael Herzfeld

Prof. Herzfeld meets with faculty from HYI partners in Bangkok

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