Asano Toyomi

Field of Study

Years of Stay at HYI

Aug 2021 to May 2022

University Affiliation (Current)

ASANO Toyomi is a professor in the Dept. of Political science and economics in Waseda University in Tokyo, where he has been teaching political history of Japan and global history since 2015. He graduated from PhD course in the Graduate school of Advanced Social and International Studies in Tokyo University in 1998. He had been affiliated with Graduate School of Arts and Sciences of Harvard University as a visiting fellow 1994- 1995, Modern Chinese History Research Center in Academia Sinica in Taiwan 1999, Sigur Center in Elliot School of George Washington University 2006-2007, Asiatic Research Center in Korea University 2009 as a visiting scholar. He also is affiliated with the Woodrow Wilson Center in 2015 for a year as a Formal Fellow. He won the 25th Masayoshi Ohira Memorial Prize in June of 2009 and the Yoshida Shigeru Prize in March of 2009 with his Ph.D.-book of Teikoku Nihon no Shokuminchi Hosei [The Origin and Development of Legal Structure of Japanese Colonial Empire]. After the publication, he has concentrated upon post-war issues of decolonization of Japanese Empire that meant normalization of post-war Japan with divided Asian states in East Asia. As for psychological aspect of decolonization, he concentrated upon strong public and national emotions that had been intertwined with lost human lives of Koreans or Taiwanese and confiscated properties for Japanese, which erupted in the diplomatic process each justified with its laws and memories.  Also, he is interested in the theories of nationalism, particularly in the complex of emotion, memory and values (select memories) that would formulate a nation itself. His meta-interests over history lie in how national identity has been institutionalized through civil wars, revolutions, colonial mobilization, decolonization, economic development and democratization. Also, the basic frameworks of recognizing history in the process of domestic and international (two levels’ configurated) politics are some of his additional interests.

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