Cai Tao

Field of Study

Years of Stay at HYI

Sep 2011 to Jul 2012

University Affiliation

Cai Tao is a Ph. D. candidate in the Department of Art History at the China Art Academy. His current research interest focuses on modern Chinese art movements of the 1930s and the Sino-Japanese relationship. As a curator at the Guangdong Museum of Art (GDMoA) since 1997, he has organized a series of exhibitions on modern Chinese artists who studied in Japan. In November 2007, he curated an exhibition on “Floating Avant-Garde: The Chinese Independent Art Society (Zhonghua Duli Meishu Xiehui), and Modern Art in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Tokyo in 1930s”  held at GDMoA. He now works as Associate Research Fellow at the Guangzhou Fine Art Academy.

Editor: Cai Tao. with Kure Motoyuki.《浮游的前卫:中华独立美术协会与1930年代广州、上海、东京的现代美术》 (Floating Avant-Garde: Zhonghua Duli Meishu Xiehui (The Chinese Independent Art Society, 1935) and Modernist Art in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Tokyo”), forthcoming.

Editor: ______. with Feng Bi, Zheng Ziyan.  《铁马野风:野夫的木刻艺术》(Ye Fu’s Wood cut Painting), 2010.

Editor: ______. 《赵兽:神秘的狂气》(Zhaoshou: Surrealist Cross A Century), 2008.

Editor: ______. 《梁锡鸿:遗失的路程》(Liangxihong: Lost Landscape), 2006.

Editor: _____. with Li Mei, Cai Meng and Li Gongming,《第三届广州国际摄影双年展》(The 3rd  Guangzhou Photo Biennale), 2009.

Editor: _____, with Kuang Jinqiong, Liu Duanling, 《第二届广州国际摄影双年展》(The 2nd Guangzhou Photo Biennale), 2007.

Editor: _____, with Gu Zheng, Liu Duanling.《第一届广州国际摄影双年展》(The 1st Guangzhou Photo Biennale), 2005.

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