Chen Bateer

Field of Study

Years of Stay at HYI

Aug 2015 to May 2016

University Affiliation

Dr. Bateer Chen, originally from Inner Mongolia, is a professor in the Higher Education Research Institute, Zhou Enlai School of Governance, Nankai University. His research focuses on indigenous and ethnic minority education, higher education, and comparative education. His recent books include Educational Anthropology (with Chen Xiaoying and Paul Maxim, 2012), Higher education of Indigenous Peoples and Minorities in the Asia-Pacific (with Peter Englert, 2009), Catcher, Self-Consciousness, Comparison—Educational Studies of Indigenous People and Nationalities (with Peter Englert) and On the Evolution of the Mongolians’ Higher Education under Cultural Changes (2004). He chaired a session on “Education of Indigenous Peoples and Minorities and Human Cultural Diversity” at the 16th International Anthropological and Ethnological Congress, held in July 2009 in Kunming, and was a key member of the organizing committee for “Higher Education of Indigenous People and Minorities: Asia-Pacific Symposium and Workshop,” which was held at Nankai University in 2008.

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