CH’EN Chao-ying

Field of Study

Years of Stay at HYI

Jul 1998 to Jun 1999

University Affiliation (Current)

University Affiliation

Current Research Projects and Interests:  A Study on the Confucian Aesthetics in Xunzi (荀子)

Korean Articles:1.    09/2008, “Poetic Wisdom and Imaginal Thinking in T’oegye’s(李退溪) Ten Diagrams of Sage-Learning,” Korean version in Korean Culture(한국문화 ) , No. 43, Sept., 2008, pp. 23-47.(“이퇴계의 『성학십도』에 담긴 시적 지혜와 형상적 사유”한국문화 제43집, 2008. 9, pp. 23-47;  11/2007, presented at International conference on “Korean Confucians’ Interpretation of Confucian Tradition,” sponsored by Institute of Korean Studies, Seoul National University.Chinese Articles:1. 10/2009, “Benevolence and Music: The Theory of Music in the Analects and the Interpretations of the Contemporary East Asian Scholars” 仁與樂:《論語》中的樂論與當代東亞學者的詮釋, in Lu Guolong ed., Studies on Confucianism 儒教研究, Vol. 1, 2009 (Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press, Oct. 2009); 07/2007, presented at International Conference on “East Asian Classics and Cultures,” co-sponsored by Kyoto  University and NTU.

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