Years of Stay at HYI

Aug 1999 to Jun 2000

University Affiliation (Current)

University Affiliation

Current Research Projects and Interests: Chinese Philosophy, Daoism, philosophy of politics

Recent Publications

1.道教生态思想研究 Studies of Daoist Ecological Thoughts, (Chengdu: Bashu Publication House,2010).

2. 中西文化视野中的人性  Human Nature in Chinese and Western Cultures, co-editor with Kelly Clark, (Chengdu: Sichuan University Press,

Journal Articles
1.A Daoist Response to Climate Change, Chen Xia and Martin Schönfeld, The Journal of Global Ethics (Special Issue, August 2011).

2.“‘Weixue’ (the pursuit of learning) and ‘weidao’(the pursuit of Dao)——a Daoist Reflection of Reason and Belief”, conference paper for “Belief, Philosophy, Science” held from June 16-18, 2009, Beijing University.

3.“Perfection in Both Body and Mind: A Modern Interpretation of Body in Daoism”, J. Chinese, Indian, and Islamic Cultural Relations, Fall 2008, Vol.Ⅱ.1, p.49-68. (New York: State University at Old Westbury, distributed by Global Scholarly Publications).

4.“Daoism and Sustainable Development: An Integrative Perspective”, co-authored with Chen Yong in The Dialogue of Cultural Traditions: A Global Perspective, (Washington D.C.): the Council for Research in Values and Philosophy 2008, pp.307-319.

5.Trilogy in a Century: Religious Studies In Mainland China,AAR Newsletter, October 2007.

6.论老子关于万物本原及其生成的自然哲学思考 “Philosophical Reflection on the Origin and Generation of Myriad Things in the Laozi”, J. Jianghan Tribune, 2011 (9).

7.试论“道”的原始二重性——“无”和“有”“On Being and Non-being as the duality of the Dao ”, Philosophical Researches, 2011(4).

8.试论哲学与政治的关系 “On the Relationship between Philosophy and Politics”, Journal of Social Sciences in Jiangsu, 2010(5).

9.简析道家认识论的方法、特点及意义, “On the Methods, Characteristics and Significance of Daoist Epistemology”, Journal of Laozi Studies, 2010 (1).

10.论道家道德哲学的几个特点, “Several Characteristics of Daoist Moral Philosophy”, Journal of Religious Studies, 2010 (Monograph Special ).

11.天地无人则不立,人无天地则不生:论道教天人关系 “Heaven and Earth would not be Sustained without Mankind, Mankind would not be Created without Heaven and Earth – on the Relationship between Man and Heaven in Daoism”, in Ecological Turn of Modern Civilization, Chongqing: Chongqing Press, 338-354, 2007.

12.论对立面的统一和斗争——对“中国哲学史座谈会”的反思 “On the Unity and Struggle between Opposites — Rethinking the 1957 Conference on Chinese Philosophy”, Chinese Book Review Monthly, 2007(4):4-10. (co-authored with Liang Zhixue)

13.从《内经图》看道教身体观的生态意义 “The Ecological Implication of Daoist Inner Landscape”, J.Jinzhou Medical College, 2006(2):

14.道教天人关系及其生态意义 “Daoist Tianren Relationship and Its Ecological Implications”, Studies of Philosophical Daoism, 2006, vol.

15.试论先秦道家的道物无际观 “On the Interrelatedness of Dao and Wu in Daoism Before the Qin Dynasty”, Philosophical Researches, 2006(2):57-59.

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