Chen Yongguo

Field of Study

Years of Stay at HYI

Apr 2012 to Oct 2012

University Affiliation

Chen Yongguo, Ph.D, Professor of English of Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, specializes in British and American Literatures, Western Criticisms and Theories of Literature, and Critical Theory and Translation Studies. He has published four monographs, more than 50 academic articles in both English and Chinese, and more than 40 books of translation (some collaborated with other scholars) from English into Chinese. Representative works are The Flight of Theory, Beijing University Press, 2008, The Political Interpretation of Culture, China Social Science Press, 2000; “The Uncertainty of Translation”, Perspective: Studies in Translatology, Vol. 11, No.1, 2003, “Globalization: Resistance from the Chinese New Left”, Ariel, Vol.34.1, 2005; “On Transnational Cultural Translation”, Translation Quarterly (No.39 2006), pp.1-39; “Becoming-Obscure: A Constant in the Development of Modern Chinese Poetry”, MLQ, Volume 69, Number 1(March 2008). Professor Chen is currently collaborating with Professor David Damrosch to compile an anthology of Classics of World Literature (to be published in Chinese).

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