Eberhard Guhe

Field of Study

Years of Stay at HYI

Aug 2018 to Apr 2019

University Affiliation

Eberhard Guhe started studying at the University of Münster (Germany) heading for a career as an Indologist. He learnt Sanskrit, Pāli and Sinhalese and decided to specialize in Indian philosophy with an eye to writing his MA-thesis on Indian logic. Then he transferred to the University of Vienna (Austria) in order to study at the Viennese Institute for Indology, the famous centre for research on Indian philosophy. In Vienna he passed his M.A. majoring in Indology with Mathematics and Logic as minors. While working as an Assistant in the Indology Dept. and in the Tibetology Dept. at the University of Vienna he was writing a doctoral thesis on Indian logic and finally earned a Ph.D. in Indology from the University of Vienna. His supervisors were Prof. Gerhard Oberhammer (Institute for Indology) and Prof. Martin Goldstern (Institute for Algebra of Vienna Technical University). During the time of his doctoral studies, he was also concerned about enhancing his mathematical competence and passed a pre-diploma in mathematics. Studying mathematics has been an important source of inspiration for his interdisciplinary work in the realm of Indian logic and it provided him with the necessary background to do research on Indian mathematics as well. 

During his stay as a Coordinate Research Scholar, he will collaborate with Prof. Parimal Patil on a project entitled “The Doctrine of the Associate Condition (up¯adhi) in the Up¯adhidarpan. a”

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