ENDO Yasuo

Field of Study

Years of Stay at HYI

Sep 1994 to Jun 1995

University Affiliation

Endo Yasuo’s work focuses on area studies, specifically the American experience of encountering different nations and peoples.  His publications include Multicultural America: Rethinking the National Identity (University of Tokyo Press, 1999), Dimensions of Creoleness: Caribbean Area Studies (University of Tokyo Press, 2000) and America and the Pacific: from Conflict to Coexistence (Sairyu-sha, 2004).  Professor Endo’s research has also been published in general textbooks: his writings on Commodore Perry and his “Black Ships” have appeared in ACTA ASIATICA (2007) and A Modern History for East Asian People (University of Tokyo Press, 2009). In April 2010, he moved to the Institute of Advanced Global Studies at the University of Tokyo and began the intellectual adventure of interweaving area studies with global studies.  His current research topics are comparisons of anti-Americanism and anti-modernism, and the history of denizenship in the modern world. 

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