Erdenchuluu Khohchahar

Field of Study

Years of Stay at HYI

Aug 2015 to May 2016

University Affiliation (Current)

University Affiliation

Erdenchuluu Khohchahar is an Assistant Professor at the Hakubi Center for Advanced Research, Graduate School of Law, Kyoto University, Japan. He received his LL.B. from Inner Mongolia University (2002), his Env.Sc.M. from Aomori University (2005), and his LL.M. and LL.D. from Kyoto University (2010 and 2013). He also studied cultural and legal anthropology as a Ph.D. candidate at Hokkaido University (2005 to 2007). His research interests include Mongolian legal history (justice system, land regime, social structure, hunting/marriage law), comparative legal history (Mongolia, Manchu, China, Japan, Korea, England, Scotland), socio-legal studies (constitutionalism, religion and justice, conflict resolution, local governance), law and society in modern Inner and East Asia, and multidisciplinary research methodologies (legal, sociological, anthropological, historical).

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