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Years of Stay at HYI

Aug 2008 to Jun 2009

University Affiliation (Current)

University Affiliation

Professor Guo’s current research interests focus on the archaeology of Xinjiang, archaeological research studies of Eurasia steppe and archaeological studies of the cultural exchanges between Chinese and the West.

Recent Publications


1、The universe in the cauldrons: The Eurasia Steppe and bronze cauldrons. Shanghai: The Social Publishing House of the Academy of Sciences of Shanghai, 2003.

2、The key issue of the country: The Chariots and battle steed in ancient China. Chengdu:Sichuan People’s Press, 2004.

3、The faith on the horse back: the art of Animal Style in the Eurasia Steppe. Beijing: People’s Fine Arts Publishing House, 2004.


1、” Spreading of bronze cauldrons at the beginning throughout in the Eurasia. ” Eurasian Studies 1. Beijing: Zhonghua Book Company, 1999.

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3、” On the origin of bronze cauldrons.” Chinese’s Archaeology and World Archaeology in the 20th century, Beijing : China Social Sciences Press, 2002.

4、 ” On the motif of one person between a pair of beasts. ” Eurasian Studies 4. Beijing: Zhonghua Book Company, 2004.

5、“Figures of the beasts merged half a fish and half a horse in the Zoroastrian art of ancient China.” Chinese archaeology in the new century: papers in honor of Prof.Wang Zhongshu’s 80th birthday, Beijing : Science Press, 2005.

6、“Archaeological research on the reform of social mechanism in the Dongyi societies: implication of the burial M44 at the Dadunzi site in Pixian.” Researches on ancient civilizations (I), Beijing: Cultural relics publishing house, 2005.

7、“On the some harnesses from pit 9 attached to a tomb of West Han Dynasty in Luozhuang.” The international academic congress on the archaeology of Han dynasty and sino-culture, Jinan: the Qi-Lu publishing house, 2006.

8、“The interrupted phenomena in Xinjiang’s early cultural development.” Cultural relics of Xinjiang 2006.2.

9、“A preliminary research on the Sandaohaizi Culture.” Eurasian Studies 7, Beijing:Zhonghua book company,2007.

10、“A study of the second group of bronze/iron FU cauldrons.” Acta archaeological sinica 2007. 1.

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12、“One of the windows to learn the archaeology in Eurasian Steppe: a Review on Ancient interactions: east and west in Eurasia.” Chinese Culture Quarterly 7, Chinese Civilisation Centre, City University of Hong Kong, 2005

13、“From western Asia to the Tianshan Mountains: on the early iron artefacts found in Xinjiang”, J. Mei and Th. Rehren (eds), Metallurgy and Civilisation: Eurasia and Beyond Archetype, London 2009, pp.107-115.

14、“The Divine Beast with a Rolling Back Upper Lip: The Griffon of the East.” Eurasian Studies 9, Beijing:Zhonghua book company,2010.

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