Hou Xudong

Field of Study

Years of Stay at HYI

Aug 2001 to Jun 2002

University Affiliation (Current)

Current Research Projects: Early Medieval History of China, esp. focusing on local society and common people’s belief in the past works, and on the mechanism and structure of early Chinese empires as well as the recently unearthed bamboo slips.

Recent Publications

Hou Xudong. The routine in Han China. Beijing: Beijing Normal University Press. 2022.

Hou Xudong. What is the study on the routine lives in History? Beijing: SDF Press, 2020.

Hou Xudong. Favoritism: Monarchs’ relationship with subjects based on private trust and unfolding the Former Han History. Beijing: Beijing Normal University Press, 2018.

Hou Xudong. Seeing medieval history of China closely, a collection of Hou Xudong. Shanghai: Zhongxi Book Company, 2015.侯旭东:《近观中古史:侯旭东自选集》,上海:中西书局,2015年

Hou Xudong. The Life-world of Villagers in Early Medieval China: Court, Local Governments and Cunli. Beijing: The Commercial Press, 2005.侯旭东:《北朝村民的生活世界:朝廷,州县与村里》,商务印书馆,2005年

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