Years of Stay at HYI

Aug 2008 to Jun 2009

University Affiliation (Current)

University Affiliation

Current Research Projects and Interests: Chinese historical archaeology, historical geography (urbanization), the ancient ceramic industry



Huang Yijun, Historical Geographic Research on the Qingbai Porcelain Industry in the Song  Dyansty, 宋代青白瓷的历史地理研究 Beijing: Cultural Relics Press, 2010.


“The Origin and Diffusion of Toothbrush in Chinese History: an Example of the interaction between Different Civilizations” 中国古代牙刷的起源与传播:不同文明互动的一个范例, Chinese Social History Review 中国社会历史评论 2014 Volume ⅩⅤ: 8-21.

“How to Nominate the Kiln Site, an Enlightenment from the Principle of Naming the Archaeological Culture” 考古学文化命名原则对瓷窑遗址命名的启示, Archaeology and Cultural Relics 考古与文物 2012(1): 78-84.

“Textual Research on the Related Place Names from the Cinnabar Rock Inscriptions“ 红字碑”相关地名考证, Hunan Archaeology 湖南考古辑刊 2013 (Volume 10): 293-304.

“The Distribution of Qingbai Wares of Song in the territory of Liao and the Relevant Issues of Historical Geography” 辽境出土宋代青白瓷的分布及相关历史地理问题, Ethic Research 民族研究 2011(Volume.11): 49-67

“Regional Research on Jars with Horn-shaped Decoration and Dish-mouthed Pots from Song Tombs in South China” 南方宋墓出土多角坛和盘口瓶的分区研究, Archaeology and Cultural Relics 考古与文物 2008(4): 92-104.

“Regional Variations of Song Dynasty Tomb Structures in Hubei” 湖北宋墓分布的地区差异及其产生的原因, Jianghan Archaeology 江汉考古 2008(3): 96-103.

“The Production of White Porcelain and the Emergence of Bluish White Porcelain in South China of the Tang and Song Periods 唐宋之际南方的白瓷生产与青白瓷的产生, Huaxia Archaeology 华夏考古 2008(01): 113-127.


Mark Monmonier, How to Lie with Maps 会撒谎的地图 Beijing: Commercial Press, 2011.

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