KIM Dae Hong


Field of Study

Years of Stay at HYI

Sep 2009 to Dec 2010

University Affiliation

KIM Dae Hong is a doctoral candidate at the College of Law, Seoul National University, Korea. His major is legal history, a field of jurisprudence located at the crossing point of law and history. His academic interest focuses on criminal legal systems in pre-modern times. He is trying to find out what crimes were and how they were punished from a legal historic point of view. While at Harvard-Yenching Institute as a Visiting-Fellow, he will concentrate on case studies on sweeping clauses. It is required today that criminal clauses should be clear and accurate, yet some sweeping clauses are found in pre-modern criminal codes. Case studies about sweeping clauses can be one guide for understanding the legal mind in pre-modern times regarding what should be prohibited and punished by law.

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