KIM Han Sang


Field of Study

Years of Stay at HYI

Sep 2009 to Dec 2010

University Affiliation

Kim Han Sang completed his doctoral dissertation in visual and historical sociology, Uneven Screens, Contested Identities: USIS, Cultural Films, and the National Imaginary in South Korea, 1945-1972 (Seoul National University, 2013), based on archival research conducted during his visiting fellowship at HYI. During his time in the U.S. he also visited Washington, D.C. to collect textual and audiovisual materials at the U.S. National Archives. Currently Dr. Kim is revising his monograph for publication and broadening his research scope to transnational connections in East and Southeast Asia. His recent publications include “Cold War and the Contested Identity Formation of Korean Filmmakers: On Boxes of Death and Kim Ki-yŏng’s USIS Films” (Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, Dec. 2013) and “(Re)Presentations and Discourses in the USIS-Korea’s Film Propaganda: The Rehabilitated Self in Rebuilding the Nation in the 1950s” (Society and History, Sept. 2012).

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