LAU Yee Man (Ivy)

Field of Study

Years of Stay at HYI

Sep 2003 to Jul 2004

University Affiliation (Current)

University Affiliation

Current Research Projects and Interests: Normative influence on behavior

Lee, S-L., Lau, I. Y-M., Hong, Y-Y. (2011). Effects of appearance and functions on likability and perceived occupational suitability of robots. Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making, 5, 232-250.

Zou, X., Tam, K-P., Morris, M. W., Lee, S-L., Lau I. Y-M., Chiu, C-Y. (2009). Culture as Common Sense: Perceived Consensus vs. Personal Beliefs as Mechanisms of Cultural Influence, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 97, 579-597.

Lam, S. F., Chiu, C. Y., & Lau, I. Y. (2007).  What do we learn from the Implicit Association Test about intergroup attitudes in Hong Kong? The case of social identification inclusiveness and need for closure. Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 10, 123-130.

Tam, K-P., Chiu, C-Y., & Lau, I., Y-M. (2007).Terror management among Chinese: Worldview defense, and intergroup bias in resource allocation. Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 10, 93-102.

Wan, C., Chiu, C. Y., Tam, K. P., Lee, S. L., Lau, I. Y.-M., & Peng, S. (2007). Perceived Cultural Importance and Actual Self-Importance of Values in Cultural Identification. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 92, 337-354.

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