LIAO Shen-bai

Field of Study

Years of Stay at HYI

Sep 1990 to Jun 1991

University Affiliation (Current)

Current Research Projects and Interests: Nicomachean Ethics I-III5, with the Greek text and the paralelled English and Chinese translations and with notations; A Concise History of Greek Ethics; A History of Greek-Roman Ethics, etc.

New Perspectives in Ethics (1997, 2007)

An Investigation into Aristotle’s Theory of Philia (2000)

Reading Nicomachean Ethics (2005)

The Transformation into Publicity of the Social Life in China (2007)

Foundations of Ethics (2009)

Ethics, Efficiency and Market by A. Buchanan (1991)

The Methods of Ethics by H. Sidgwick (1993)

Humanism and Antihumanism by Soper (1998)

Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle (2003)

A Theory of Justice (rev.ed) by J. Rawls (2009)

Cambridge Companion to Philosophy: Aristotle (ed.)by J. Barnes, forthcoming

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