LIU Shi-yung

Years of Stay at HYI

Aug 2006 to Jun 2007

University Affiliation

Liu Shiyung is an Assistant Research Fellow at the Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica in Taiwan.  He had undergraduate education of international trade and finance between 1984 and 1988 in Taiwan.  With three years of learning at the Graduate School of History of National Taiwan University, he earned his Master degree in history in 1991.  After one year working at the Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica, he went to study at University of Pittsburgh in a Ph.D. program in History.  In Pittsburgh, he changed his research interest from economic history of modern Taiwan to the history of modern medicine, especially the colonial medicine in East Asia.  He had his Ph.D. in 2000, and has been the current research position since then.  In the past five years, most of his work has been related to fields such as history of modern medicine, Japanese colonialism, and historical demography on Journal of Japanese Studies, Annales de Demographie Historique, and China Quality lately.

Prescribing Colonization ( AAS, 2009)

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