Liu Wenjin

Field of Study

Years of Stay at HYI

Aug 2021 to May 2022

University Affiliation (Current)

Liu Wenjin is a Professor of Comparative Literature in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at East China Normal University (Shanghai). Her research interests include Literary Theory, Religion (Christianity, Judaism) and Literature, Morality and Esthetics. She was funded by the French Government to do her doctoral dissertation from 2004-2007 at l’Université Paris X, and was selected as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Ecole de Haute Etude en Science Sociales (EHESS) during 2009-2010 through Hermès Scholarship Program funded by Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme à Paris. She was also a visiting scholar at the Yale Centre for Culture and Faith from 2015-16. She is the author of Levinas and the Question of the Book: The Face of the Other and the Song of Songs (in Chinese, 2012), Modern Tragedies and Redemption (in Chinese, 2018), Moral Collapse and Modernity Crisis: Arendt, Patočka and Levinas Face to Evil (in Chinese, 2021), and is the editor and translator of Modernity and Jewish thinkers, by French philosopher Catherine Chalier, (French and English into Chinese, 2017). At HYI as a visiting scholar, she will work on the project “Confronting Evil: Individual Responsibility and Spiritual Transcendence from Jewish and Chinese Perspectives.” It is a philosophical and literary study of the writings of some prominent authors in the West and in China in the 20th century with the aim to explore individual responsibility during the time of crisis.

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