Ma Min

Field of Study

Years of Stay at HYI

Mar 2022 to Aug 2022

University Affiliation (Current)

MA Min is a professor in the Institute of Modern Chinese History, Central China Normal University (Wuhan). He is a historian whose research field is modern Chinese history, including the history of the Revolution of 1911, the history of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the history of Chinese expositions, and the history of Protestant missions in China. His main publications consist of Between the Government and Merchants: Gentry-Merchants in Social Upheaval in Modern China (1995); Transitional Formation: The Mystery of the Composition of Early Chinese Bourgeoisie (1993); General History of the Chamber of Commerce in China (2015, chief editor); Christianity and the Culture Integration of West and East (2013), etc. At HYI as a visiting scholar, he will work on the project on the history of a female medical missionary in Chengdu whose name is Marian E. Manly, which intends to combine medical missionary history, family history, social history, and oral history to tell a story about the close relationship and mutual love between Chinese and American folks in 1920s-1940s


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