Mitani Hiroshi

Field of Study

Years of Stay at HYI

Jul 2007 to Sep 2008

University Affiliation (Current)

University Affiliation

Hiroshi Mitani engages in the comparative study of revolutions at Tōyō Bunko after having left the University of Tokyo. During his stay as a Coordinate Research Scholar at HYI, he worked with Prof. Andrew Gordon (Dept. of History, Harvard University).

Current Research Projects: Comparative study of revolutions ( Next project will be creating an online database of the historical materials of international relations in East Asia available in Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages.

Recent Publications

In English

“Japan’s Meiji Revolution in Global History: Searching for Some Generalizations out of History,” Asian Review of World Histories, 2020.

“A Japanese Historiography of Reconciliation Efforts with East Asian Neighbors: Before and After the History Textbook Dispute in 2001,” The 20th Century Thorough Historiographies and Textbooks: Chapters from Japan, East Asia, Slovenia and Southeast Europe, 2018

Meiji Revolution, Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Asian History, 2017

In Japanese



『維新史再考』NHK出版、2017。(English translation in progress. Chinese and Korean versions will be available in 2024)

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