Nguyen Viet Ha

Field of Study

Years of Stay at HYI

Sep 1994 to Jun 1995

Current Research Projects and Interests:

Christopher J Gill, Le Ngoc Bao, Nafisa Halim, Cao Thi Hue Chi, Rachael Bonawitz, Nguyen Viet Ha, Anna Larson Williams, Pham Vu Hoang, Le Ngoc Anh, and Lora Sabin. The mCME Project ‘version 2.0’: a randomized controlled trial of a revised SMS-based continuing medical education intervention among Vietnamese HIV clinicians. BMJ Global Health. Under review: revise and resubmit

Recent Publications

Gill CJ, Le BN, Halim N, Nguyen HV, Larson Williams A, Nguyen TV, McNabb M, Tran LTN, Falconer A, An HPH, Rohr J, Hoang H, Michiel J, Nguyen TTT, Bird L, Pham HV, Yeshitla M, Ha NV, and Sabin L. The mCME Project: a randomized controlled trial of an SMS-based continuing medical education intervention for improving medical knowledge among Vietnamese community based physicians’ assistants. PLoS ONE. 2016:11(11): e0166293. Doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0166293.

Sabin L, Williams AL,Le BN, Herman AR, Viet HN, Albanese RR, Xiong W, Shobiye HOA, Halim N, Ngoc, LLT, McNabb M, Hoang H, Falconer A, Thanh TNT, Gill CJ. Benefits and Limitations of Text Messages to Stimulate Higher Learning Among Community Providers: Participants’ Views of an mHealth Intervention to Support Continuing Medical Education in Vietnam.Glob Health SciPract. 2017, June;5(2):2:261-273.

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