Years of Stay at HYI

Aug 2000 to Aug 2001

University Affiliation (Current)

University Affiliation

Current Research Projects and Interests:

Post-Imperialism/Post-Colonialism in/of Taiwan and Japan

Intellectual history of American Anthropology, especially of cultural relativism


台湾社会の形成と変容(Formation and Transformation of Taiwanese Society)、東北大学出版会、2014。


“Imagined Commonality: Rethinking ‘Ethnicity’ through Personal Experience in Hawaii.” Tohoku Anthropological Exchange 13, pp.37-63, 2014.

“Ethnoperipheralism: Conceptualizing the Social and Psychological Positionality of Cross-Culturally Raised Children ‘at Home’.” Tohoku Anthropological Exchange 12, pp.1-21, 2013.

“The Pluralization and Multitiering of Society in Taiwan: Ethnicity and Social Stratification since the 1990s.” In Toshiaki Kimura (ed.), Stratification in Cultural Contexts: Cases from East and Southeast Asia, Melbourne: Trans Pacific Press, pp.7-30, 2013.3.

“Too Wide, Too Big, Too Complicated to Comprehend: A Personal Reflection on the Disaster That Started on March 11, 2011.” Asian Anthropology 11, pp.27-38, 2012.

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