Park Younghwan

Field of Study

Years of Stay at HYI

Mar 2023 to Aug 2023

University Affiliation (Current)

Park Younghwan is Dean of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Dongguk University. While at HYI, Professor Park will work on a project entitled “Bibliographical review for scholarly in-depth annotations of Korean Buddhist texts in the Harvard-Yenching Library Korean Rare Book Collection.”

Current Research Projects:

  • Exchange and Conflict: History and Causes of Cultural Clash between Korea and China
  • Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism: The Identity of East Asian Culture.

Recent Publications

Understanding of Zen in Song Poetry, Unjusa, 2018“The Dual Phenomenon of Confucian Culture in Korea and China – The Death and Resurrection of Confucius,” The International Journal of Advanced Smart Convergence Volume 8 Number 1, March 2019“Ok Gwan-bin’s modern Buddhist innovation movement in China and the establishment of ‘medical company Fo Ci’- Focusing on Ahn Chang-ho’s connection with the Enlightenment Movement,” Journal Studies of Seon Culture, 2020.“The Characteristic of the Integration of Buddhism and Confucianism in Taiwan’s Humanistic Buddhism,” The Journal of the Korean Association for Buddhist Studies, vol.88, 2018“The Current Collection and Preservation Status of the Rare Buddhist Books of the Goryeŏ Period in the Yenching Library of Harvard,” The Journal of East-West Comparative Literature, vol.55, 2021“The Monk Army System in the Chosǒn Dynasty and Its Significance in Zen History-Focusing on the record of “The True Record of Chosun Dynasty”,” Journal of Seon Studies, vol.58, 2021“The Prelude to the Cultural Clash between Korea and China, the Historical Significance of the Dano Festival Debate,” Dongbuga Yeoksa Nonchong, vol.76, 2022

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