Qian Jun

Field of Study

Years of Stay at HYI

Sep 1996 to Jun 1997

University Affiliation (Current)

University Affiliation

Current Research Projects and Interests:
1. English lexical semantics
2. English syntactic semantics
3. History of linguistic thought

Recent Publications


Yingyu ce de goucheng yu dapei (English Words: Structure and Collocation). Beijing: Commercial Press, 2008.

(Ed.) Yuyanxue: zhonguo yu shijie tongbu (Linguistics: China Keeps Pace with the World). Beijing: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 2003.

Towards a Relational-Perspective Approach to Syntactic Semantics. Beijing: People’s Education Press, 2001.

(Ed., and trans.) Yakebuxun wenji  (A Roman Jakobson Anthology). Changsha: Hunan Education Press, 2001.

Jiegou gongneng yuyanxue: bulage xuepai (Structural-Functional Linguistics: The Prague School). Changchun: Jilin Education Press, 1998.

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