Rho Kyung Hee


Years of Stay at HYI

Sep 2007 to Dec 2008

University Affiliation (Current)

University Affiliation

Professor Rho’s current research theme is the intersection between Chinese, Korean, and Japanese pre-modren literatures from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries. It is mainly focused on the procedure of literature propagation and accommodation between these countries. Specifically, Prof. Rho aims to reconstruct the pre-modern literary societies through a rigorous examination on the external conditions of the publishing culture, trade of books, and the association of the intelligentsia.

“Circulation and Transformations of Tang Poetry’s Anthology in Chosun and Edo’s literary world of the 17-8th century” (Tasan & Contemporary Times, vol.3).

“Publication of Chosun poetry in Ming during the early 17th century and its implication” (Journal of Korean Literature in Classical Chinese, Vol.47).

The Bibliographic Studies on Korean books of Japanese Scholars in Seoul of Colonial Period

Literary Interchange between Ming and Chosun through Envoys in the Early Seventeenth Century (Journal of Korean Literature in Classical Chinese, Vol.42)

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