Sura Intamool
สุระ อินตามูล

Field of Study

Years of Stay at HYI

Aug 2016 to Jul 2020

Sura Intamool is a lecturer in the English Department of the Faculty of Humanities at Chiang Mai University, Thailand. He obtained his B.A. in English from Chiang Mai University, M.A. in Comparative Literature from Chulalongkorn University and M.A. in Theatre from Miami University. His research interests lie in Western theatre, Thai traditional theatre and literature, as well as gender identities and performativity in Thai society. Two recent publications related to these interests are “Queer Performance, Queer Performers: the Shaping of Thai Queer Identity Through Lakhon Nok” (2016), written in English in Chiang Mai University Journal of Fine Arts, and “Spirit Mediumship of Phi Chaonai: An Open Space of Gender Diversity in Lanna Society” (2013), written in Thai in the book Cultural Pluralism and Sex/Gender Diversity in Thailand. At the moment, he is doing his Ph.D. in Theatre Studies, the Department of English Language and Literature, National University of Singapore, with support from the NUS-HYI Joint Doctoral Scholarship. His Ph.D. dissertation topic is “The Evolution of Lakhon Nok: from Folk to State-Funded Thai Traditional Theatre,” exploring lakhon nok, a form of Thai traditional theatre that involves music, dance, narration, and comedy. The study will be investigating lakhon nok as practiced in the present, albeit without neglecting its historical antecedents, by discussing selections of performers and organizations responsible for lakhon nok as well as costumes and props adjusted for the modern context.

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