Tang Mingjun

Field of Study

Years of Stay at HYI

Aug 2023 to May 2024

University Affiliation

Mingjun Tang is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Religious Studies, School of Philosophy, Fudan University (Shanghai, P.R. China). He studied philosophy and logic, as a BA student, at the Department of Philosophy, East China Normal University (Shanghai). As a MA and then PhD student, he studied Chinese Buddhist logic (yinming 因明, Skt. hetuvidyā) under the supervision of Prof. Weihong Zheng at Fudan University, where he received his PhD in Jan. 2011. He was an Assistant Researcher at the Institute of Philosophy, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences from Apr. 2011 to Nov. 2015. His research interests include Chinese Buddhist logic, Indian Buddhist epistemology and logic, classical Indian philosophy, and related philosophical problems. The courses that he offers at Fudan University include “History of Chinese Buddhism,” “Indian Philosophy and Religion,” “Introduction to Chinese Buddhist Logic,” “Sanskrit” (I & II), and “Intensive Reading of Buddhist Treatises.”

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