Wang Chuanbo


Years of Stay at HYI

Aug 2017 to Jul 2018

University Affiliation

Chuanbo Wang is a Ph.D. candidate in Archaeology at Zhejiang University, China. He received an M.A. (Tibetan Art History) from Capital Normal University, China, in 2015. The title of his thesis was a “Study on Five Mandalas in Ju yong guan Gateway stupa: Centered on Sarvavit-Vairocana Mandala.” Chuanbo’s research interests include Tibetan painting history, the evolution of Tibetan stupas and the development of the Vajrayana pantheon and tantric practice in Tibet during the 11-15th centuries. His dissertation concentrates on the paintings, consecration practice and deities program in Gateway stupas distributed in the Tibet Autonomous Region, western Himalayas in India and China, and explores the evolution of these structures, their transformation in China, and the corresponding transformation of stupa-worship.

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