Wong Wan-chi

Years of Stay at HYI

Feb 2020 to Jul 2020

Sep 2002 to Jul 2003

University Affiliation

Wong Wan-chi is currently a Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She received her B.A. in History from the University of Hong Kong and her D.Phil. in Psychology from Universität Heidelberg. With higher psychological processes being her major and longstanding research interest, she was accordingly drawn towards the cultural-historical approach of Russian psychology from years back. In a later piece of work, she expounded how Wundt’s Völkerpsychologie could be considered as a variant of cultural-historical psychology. Adopting a refined methodological approach, her recent research concentrates on genealogical studies of fundamental psychological concepts. Beyond the focus of the cultural-historical approach, which is basically a macro approach, her research endeavors also ventured into microdevelopmental/ microgenetic studies along the implicit-explicit dimension. Investigation into young children’s understanding of the concept of justice is a case in point. In pursuit of attaining the micro-macro link, she has conducted a microdevelopmental study from a cultural-historical perspective on the theme of the dialogical self. A further byway of her research activity lies in creativity, an important aspect of higher psychological processes.

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