Wu Helin

Years of Stay at HYI

Aug 2023 to May 2024

University Affiliation

Wu Helin is an Associate Research Fellow at the India Study Center of Central China Normal University, China. He received his M.A in English Language and Literature and Ph. D in history from Central China Normal University. His major field of research is modern missionary studies in India with an emphasis on the British Baptist Missionary Society and Christian college/university history studies. He is also interested in translation between Chinese and English. He translated Anne Tyler’s Saint Maybe (Changjiang Arts Press, 2011) and several academic articles, including such as “On the Historical Relationship between Harvard-Yenching Institute and the Humanities of Huachung University” (2017), “Learn from Others: A Review and Outlook on China’s Christian Colleges’ History” (2018) and “On the Southwest China Studies of Huachung University during the Counter-Japanese War” (2019). During his stay at HYI, he will be committed to a project entitled “The Role of East India Company in the Interactions between British Missionaries in China and India: A Case Study of Marshman and Morrison”.

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