Wu Qianjin

Field of Study

Years of Stay at HYI

Sep 2003 to Jul 2004

University Affiliation (Current)

Current Research Projects and Interests: Chinese Migration Overseas; Sino-Southeast Asian Relations; the Role of the Ethnic Chinese in the Asia-Pacific Region.


1.The Role of Ethnic Chinese in the International Relations. Beijing: Xinhua Press, 2003, 245 pp. (This book was based on a research project funded by China’s National Foundation of Social Sciences in 1999, and was awarded the First Prize in the 7th Shanghai Excellent Productions of Social Sciences Research (2002-2003).

2. Chinese Americans and Their Cultural Changes. Shanghai: Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press, 1998, 172 pp.

Journal Articles

1.“New Overseas Chinese/Ethnic Chinese and the Development of People-to-People Relationship——A Case study on the People-to-People Relations between China and Singapore.” Overseas Chinese History Studies, Beijing, No.2, 2007, pp.7-22.

2.“Migrants, Nationalism and Transnationalism in the Post-Cold War Period: A Case Study on the American Chinese.” Overseas Chinese History Studies, Beijing, No.1, 2006, pp.18-29.

3.“Migration in Southeast Asia since 1990: Problems and Prospect.” Journal of Social Sciences, Shanghai, No.12, 2005, pp. 32-40.

4.“Localization and Globalization of Contemporary International Migration: Analysis from Perspective of Transnationalism.” Contemporary International Relations, Beijing, No.8, 2004, pp.18-24. (Reprinted in Chinese Social Sciences Digest. Beijing, No.6, 2004, pp. 58-60, and awarded the Second Prize in the 8th Shanghai Excellent Productions of Social Sciences Research (2004-2005).

5.“Riots in Indonesia: Dilemma of Chinese Minority and Their Options in the Context of Multi-bilateral Relations.” Journal of Asian Studies, Hong Kong, No.46, 2003, pp. 102-129.

6.“Chinese Education and Sino-Southeast Asian Interactions during the Post-Cold War Period.” Journal of Asian Studies, Hong Kong, No.43, 2002, pp.184-203.

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