Yang Eun Gyeng

Field of Study

Years of Stay at HYI

Sep 2011 to Jul 2012

University Affiliation

Eun Gyeng Yang graduated from Peking University with a Ph. D in Archeology in 2002. She is currently an associate professor in the Department of Archeology, Pusan National University. Her research interests include Buddhist archeology during the Northern and Southern dynasties, in particular the relationship between Chinese Buddhist sculptures and temple sites and Korean ones. She has studied the Buddhist activities of ancient Koreans, which centered on temple caves, Buddha steles and grottoes in China. Her research focuses on the Northern Tower in Chaoyang, Liaoning province, the relationship between the Koguryo (高句麗) clay figures and the Chinese ones, the building history in Buddhist temple sites and restoration of Buddhist image enshrinement in Sangguongsong (上京城) of Balhae (渤海), the analysis of a figure of clay excavated at Jesoek temple site(帝釋寺址) – rubbish heap – in Baekje(百濟) and a wooden pagoda site. Professor Yang has published on Buddhist caves in the Sui dynasty and Buddhist sculpture in Shandong, China.

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