Yang Miaoyan

Field of Study

Years of Stay at HYI

Aug 2018 to May 2019

University Affiliation

Miaoyan is an Associate Professor at the Dept. of Sociology and Social Work, Xiamen University. She received her B.A. (Sociology) from Minzu University of China, M.Phil. (Sociology) from Peking University and Ph.D. (Education) from the University of Hong Kong. The academic training at Minzu University of China, China’s leading university for the education of ethnic minorities, nurtured her interests in China’s ethnic minority issues. Her current research focuses on the sociology of ethnicity and sociology of education, with special interests in the intersections among educational mobility, ethnic identity, citizenship, educational achievement and language policy regarding ethnic minorities in China (Tibetan in particular). At HYI, she will conduct a project on the international mobility, cultural boundary and cosmopolitan consumption of Chinese students (especially those from the official ethnic minority groups defined by the Chinese government) in the United States and Canada. She welcomes dialogue with teachers, students and others to understand ethnic and racial relations amongst Chinese in foreign contexts.

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