Yang Yuanzheng

Field of Study

Years of Stay at HYI

Aug 2019 to May 2020

University Affiliation

Yang Yuanzheng is a specialist in the musical history of East Asia whose research interests extend from Bronze Age excavations of musical instruments in China to the reception of Chinese musical philosophies in Japan. A fluent performer on the qin, his current work relates to the cultural migration of the instrument into Tokugawa Japan and the affect it had on political and philosophical trends there. Issues connected to the rediscovery of ancient manuscripts and their relationship to canon formation and political undercurrents have long been a central theme of Professor Yang’s work. In respect of the Song dynasty poet-musician Jiang Kui, he has unearthed an array of hitherto unnoticed manuscripts and published them in facsimile along with a monograph on the eighteenth century reception of Jiang’s oeuvre in his forthcoming book Plum Blossom on the Far Side of the Stream (HKUP), as well as writing articles for T’oung Pao and The Journal of the American Oriental Society.

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