YU Ting

Years of Stay at HYI

Sep 2004 to Jun 2005

University Affiliation

YU Ting is an Associate Professor of Institute of Ancient Chinese Classics Study, Wuhan University. Professor Yu’s major research field includes ancient Chinese classics study, Chinese traditional philology and phonology study. He was a compiling member of  Guxunhuizuan (A Exhaustive Collection of Exegetical Materials in Ancient Chinese Books), published in 2004 by Commercial Press, and was one of the chief researchers of the computer-based All Chinese Characters Encoding set and Glyphic Information Processing System. Now he is chief editor of Guyinhuizuan (A Exhaustive Collection of Phonological Materials in Ancient Chinese Books). He is involved in the study of ancient Yinyi books and digitization of ancient philological texts for years. His Harvard-Yenching research plan was titled “Ancient Chinese Classics Studies in Circumstance of Humanities Computing – Case Study on Ancient Yinyi Books of Buddhism Sutras and Tripitaka”.

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