ZHANG Changhong

Years of Stay at HYI

Oct 2017 to Jun 2018

Aug 2008 to Jun 2009

Zhang Changhong received her B.A, M.A. and Ph.D. in Archaeology and Museology from Sichuan University. From 2000 to 2015, she worked and taught in the Center for Tibetan Studies of Sichuan University. As of 2016, she is an Associate Professor with the Palace Museum, Beijing. She is also the Deputy Editor-in-chief of Journal of Tibetan Studies, published by the Center for Tibetan Studies of Sichuan University. She has conceived and edited the following titles: From the Treasury of Tibetan Pictorial Art: Painted Scrolls of the Life of Gesar (Beijing: Zhonghua Shuju, 2012), and Wall Paintings of the Buddhist Caves in Ngaree, Tibet (Chengdu: Sichuan Minzu Chubanshe, 2017). Her research interests in Tibetan archaeology and art particularly focus on Tibetan Buddhist wall paintings in West Tibet (10th to 17th century), Tibetan painted scrolls of East Tibet (17th to 19th century), and Buddhist stone carvings and sculptures of the Tibetan empire in East and Northeast Tibet (7th to 9th century).

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