Zhong Zhiqing

Years of Stay at HYI

Sep 2011 to Jul 2012

Dr. Zhong Zhiqing is a Research Professor at the Institute of Foreign Literature, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. She holds a M.A. from the Department of Chinese at Beijing Normal University and a Ph.D. from the Department of Hebrew Literature at Ben-Gurion University. Her doctoral dissertation is ‘A Comparative Study of Hebrew and Chinese Literature in Response to the Catastrophe of World War Two’. Recently she has accomplished a project ’20th Century’s Hebrew Literature in Transition’ sponsored by China’s National Social Science Foundation. Her current research interests focus on contemporary Hebrew and Chinese writings on their war memories in the context of building a new nation.

Recent Publications

1.’To Put a Finger on the Wound’:Reading Hebrew Literature and Culture, Beijing:Central Compilation & Translation Press, 2010.

2. A Study of Contemporary Israeli Authors, Beijing: People’s Literature Publishing House, 2006.

1. Rhyming Life and Death (novel by Amos Oz), Hangzhou:Zhejiang Literature and Art Publishing House.

2. Modern Hebrew Fiction (literary criticism by Gershon Shaked), Beijing: The Commercial Press, 2009.

3. A Tale of Love and Darkness (novel by Amos Oz),Nanjing: Yilin Press, 2007.

4. My Michael(novel by Amos Oz), Nanjing: Yilin Press, 2007, 1998; Taibei: Crown Press, 2004.


“H. N. Bialik’s ‘In the City of Slaughter’ and the Tradition of the Hebrew Bible” in Foreign Literature Review, No. 2, 2013. (比阿里克的《在屠城》与传统,《外国文学评论》2013年第2期)

Newspaper articles:

1. “A Conversation With  Amos Oz in Translation,” in The Literary Gazette (《在翻译中与奥兹对话》, 《文艺报》2014年1月8日)

2. “The Holocaust Education in Israel,” in Guangming Daily (《以色列的大屠杀教育》,《光明日报》,2014年1月6日)

3. “’The Eichmann Trial: ‘A Turning Point of Reshaping the Memory of the Holocaust in Israel” in The Literary Gazette   (《“艾赫曼审判”:以色列重建大屠杀记忆的转折点》,《文艺报》2013年9月18日 )

4)” ‘Love of Zion’: A Starting Point of Point of Modern Hebrew Literature”  in The Literary Gazette  (《:现代希伯来文学的起点》,《文艺报》2013年7月19日)

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