China Studies Post-doctoral Fellowship

Update (August 2023): The China Studies Post-doctoral Fellowship is not currently offered


The China Studies Post-doctoral Fellowship, offered jointly by Ashoka University (India) and the Harvard-Yenching Institute (US) for recent PhDs in China Studies, is an opportunity for postdoctoral researchers to conduct a two-year study on China, extendable pending review and approval, under the guidance of established scholars and professors while teaching at top Indian universities.

The China Studies Postdoctoral Fellowship aims at building an effective understanding of China within India by supporting scholars of China Studies to continue their research and supplement India’s learnings on China, and at the same time assisting host institutions in India to develop an effective capacity to learn more about its neighboring country.

Eligibility Criteria

The fully-funded fellowship is open to scholars who have completed PhDs [in the past 10 years] with a specific focus on China (utilizing Chinese language sources) across various disciplines of humanities and social science. These include, but are not limited to, anthropology, archaeology, cultural studies, economics, geography, history, international relations, language and literature, legal history, philosophy, political science, religion and sociology.

Applicants should have a working knowledge of Mandarin, sufficient for academic research.

Visit the Ashoka University website for the full eligibility criteria.

Terms and Conditions

The fellowship will have both a research and a teaching component.

Fellows are initially selected for a period of 2 years. At the end of the second year, fellows may be offered an additional third year based on their performance in the first two years. Fellows’ performance will be assessed based on the feedback from host institutions, their willingness to extend fellows’ position and the research undertaken.

This additional third year does not mandate any teaching hours and will be focused on research. The fellows may spend this year working on further refining their thesis.

Visit the Ashoka University website for the full terms and conditions.

Application Process

Please visit the Ashoka University website for more information on how to apply.