Cross-National Lessons: What are East Asian Countries Learning from Each Other Today?


Harvard-Yenching Institute Annual Roundtable
April 22, 2013

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Panel One

Panel Two


  • Sebastian Heilmann (University of Trier)
  • Lan Pei-chia (National Taiwan University)
  • Nishino Junya (Keio University)
  • Park Tae-gyun (Seoul National University)
  • Zhu Feng (Peking University)
  • Zhu Xufeng (Tsinghua University)

Moderated by Prof. Elizabeth Perry (Harvard University/HYI)

This roundtable, organized by the Harvard-Yenching Institute and co-sponsored by HYI and the Asia Center, brought together a group of distinguished scholars to focus on how and what East Asian countries are learning from each other in the realms of culture, economy, social policy and politics.

This event was co-sponsored with the Asia Center