Forced into exile: The untold journeys of Myanmar’s CDM teachers


Amporn Jirattikorn

Anthropology Today, Volume 39 No 1, February 2023

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Abstract: This article delves into the experiences of Myanmar schoolteachers who have fled to Mae Sot, Thailand, as refugees after participating in the civil disobedience movement (CDM) against the military junta’s February 2021 coup. The CDM is unique for its large scale and prolonged duration, as well as for its leadership by civil servants, with teachers and educators from the Ministry of Education constituting the majority of protesters. The study analyses the impact of the challenges faced by these teachers, including job loss and legal repercussions, on their understanding of civil disobedience and their commitment to resistance. Through in-depth interviews with 10 CDM schoolteacher refugees in March 2022, the author provides a firsthand account of the experiences and motivations of these individuals.

About the author: Amporn Jirattikorn is a HYI Visiting Scholar from 2022-23.