Harvard-Yenching Library Studies Series

Library Highlights

  1. Patrick Hanan, ed., Treasures of the Yenching: The Harvard-Yenching Library 75thAnniversary Exhibition Catalog, 2003. (In English)
  2. Huanwen Cheng, comp., Selected Works of Alfred Káiming Chíu in Library Science, 2003. (In Chinese and English)
  3. Choong-Nam Yoon, ed., Studies on the Korean Materials in the Harvard-Yenching Library, 2004. (In Chinese)
  4. Hongmin Chen, ed., Unpublished Correspondence of Hu Han-min, 2006. 15 volumes. (In Chinese)
  5. Edward Stokes, Hedda Morrison’s Hong Kong: Photographs & Impressions 1946–47, 2005. (In Chinese and English)
  6. Chun Shum, Collected Works of Studies on Chinese Rare Books, 2006. (In Chinese)
  7. Chun Shum, A Collection of Essays on Bibliography and the History of the Book, 2006. (In Chinese)
  8. Wilt Idema, ed., Books in Numbers: Papers in Celebration of the Harvard-Yenching Library 75th Anniversary, 2007. (In English)
  9. Huanwen Cheng, comp., A Chronicle of Alfred Káiming Chíu’s Life, 2008. (In Chinese)

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