Human-Animal Interactions in Anthropocene Asia


Victor Teo (ed.)

London: Routledge, March 2023

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About the book: This book examines the theme of human-animal interactions contextualized against the idea of the Anthropocene.

Focused on China and its immediate Asian borderlands, this interdisciplinary collection provides a powerful and insightful analysis of the ecological challenges that mankind’s traditional activities have created. Through in-depth case studies, each focusing on a particular human-animal dynamic, the book contextualizes and advances the understanding of existing environmental and ecological problems faced by local communities in Asia. In particular, the book hopes to transcend the duality of the nature versus culture debate by locating animal-ecological problems in the behavior of human institutions, beliefs, and practices, which are often affected by prevailing cultural proclivities, political ideologies, economic interests, and scientific agendas. Through interrogation of theoretical concepts of Anthropocene and human-animal binary, the volume highlights the controversial debates that follow their usage as well as their empirical utility understanding human-animal interactions historically, thereby engaging a broader interdisciplinary conversation increasingly links these two fields together.

Providing a platform for discussion and dialogue for a wide audience, this book will appeal to students and scholars of environmental history and politics, anthropology, political science and policy studies, China studies, and Asian studies more generally.

About the editor: Victor Teo was a HYI Visiting Scholar from 2016-17.