Phật Bà bể Nam: Truyện Quán Âm Diệu Thiện tại Việt Nam

Avalokiteśvara of the Vietnamese Sea: Miaoshan-Guanyin Legend in Vietnam


Nguyen To Lan and Rostislav Berezkin

Vietnam University of Education Publishing House, 2021

Publisher’s website

About the book: The legend of Princess Miaoshan 妙善 (V. Diệu Thiện), considered to be an earthly reincarnation of Bodhisattva Guanyin 觀音 (V. Quán Âm), is still widespread in both China and Vietnam. The book “Avalokiteśvara of the Vietnamese Sea: Miaoshan-Guanyin Legend in Vietnam” presents the history of this subject transmission, adaptation, and transformation in traditional Vietnam (fourteenth – early twentieth centuries). The authors have used numerous versions of Quán Âm legends in classical Chinese (Hán-văn) and Nôm script that they have collected in Vietnam and other countries in 2016-2020.

About the author: Nguyen To Lan was a HYI Visiting Scholar from 2013-14 and a HYI Coordinate Research Scholar in 2015.